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Safe and healthy food chain

Safe and healthy food chain

ITCL Tecnology Center’s experience working in the safe food chain allows the identification and validation of biomarkers based on the analysis of omic values. Thus, these technologies make possible new diagnostic and prognostic systems through the use of high-performance tools for massive data analysis, in the context of food sciences, the improvement of human nutrition and its consequences for health.

At the same time, these systems are applicable to the control of infectious diseases in livestock and aquaculture production, where the development of compounds with prophylactic and/or therapeutic activity useful in the control -prevention, diagnosis and treatment- of diseases of bacterial, viral or fungal origin affecting animals for human consumption is promoted.

Innovations that make possible a greater control of the whole process promoting a food chain of guarantee and stable.

Technologies in which ITCL works:

  • Disease control
  • Massive data analysis
  • Big Data


AgrarIA. Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Value Chain of Agricultural Production 2050

Research into the entire value chain of agricultural production through systems governed by artificial intelligence, with CO2 reduction, energy sustainability, productivity and competitiveness.

Duration: 2021-2024

AgrarIA inteligencia Artificial

PigAdvisor – Virtual Farm Advisor

Modern animal production involves the generation of a massive amount of data or Big Data that requires more complex and comprehensive management systems to optimize the use of the data. This high volume of data requires new large-scale storage techniques and different approaches to retrieve the information.

Duration: 2018 - 2020