Structure of knowledge ITCL

Structure of knowledge

Innovative organizational model


The main feature of ITCL is its innovative character, innovation according to market trends and needs in the field of production technologies and related technologies with a common goal: improving productivity

The principal units of knowledge of ITCL are:


  • Simulation and Virtual Reality
  • Electronics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Energy Systems and Models
  • Advanced Technology Services
  • Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Training
Modelo organizativo de ITCL

Manufacturing Technologies:


  • Development of methodologies and / or tools based on needs and / or market changes.
  • Product Development, support to methodologies and tools (computer media).


Related technologies. Units of R&D&i:


  • Added value to the overall improvement projects, supported by “turnkey” and custom value, technologically innovative solutions.


ITCL, given their transversal nature, focuses its activity in R&D and Technological Support in all business sectors, primarily in the Capital Goods sector with special attention to other sectors such as:


  • Agrofood
  • Automotive and components
  • Energy
  • Wood and Furniture
  • Services
  • Health