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ITCL - About Us

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual (Vince Lombardi)

Founded in Burgos in 1989, with a multi-sector approach, our scope of action is international, although we pay special attention to our closest business environment.

We offer advanced technological services and cooperate with multiple companies in the design and execution of applied research processes, technological development and innovation projects, both technically and economically viable.

Our goal is boosting the use of technology and making technology more accessible, as a competitive tool for the business sector, positioning ourselves as a reference centre in technologies applied to production and intelligent solutions field. Our research groups develop and work on several tools in the electronical design, artificial intelligence, telemedicine, virtual reality and simulation, energy efficiency and monitoring and control systems fields.


As a technological centre, ITCL develops R&D projects with several companies and provides innovation support services:

  • Industrial research, development and technological innovation projects on our own or in cooperation with companies, universities, public research centres or other entities.
  • R&D projects directly contracted by companies or other private entities.
  • Technological advisory These include technological diagnoses and technical feasibility studies.
  • Specialized technical training.

As a technological centre, ITCL fulfils the requirements established by the Accreditation Decree: Minimum number of permanent contracts, minimum percentage of doctors, percentage of income coming from R&D&I contracts with enterprises…

ITCL develops all the necessary strategies for the dissemination and use of the achievements of its R&D activities and projects, making easier the technological transference for national enterprises, especially for medium and small companies.

ITCL develops more than 180 projects per year, both in client companies and in research projects.…

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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan allows organizing Center’s work based on its vision and mission. Additionally, our core corporate values always oriented to improvement, transparency and the search for the best results are reflected in our Strategic Plan.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest decision and representation body of ITCL. It is made up of companies’ representatives, organizations and several engineering colleges present in the Castilla y Leon area.

Structure of knowledge

What makes ITCL different is its innovative nature, always aligned with new trends and market needs in the production technologies field and in technologies oriented to productivity improvement.

Technological Platforms

We belong to several technological platforms related with topics in which we are experts. These topics concierge our day to day work.