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Advanced Technology Services

Advanced Technology Services

We understand the Industry 4.0 concept as a new organization and control model of the value chain along the manufacturing systems, supported and made possible by information technologies.

Under this premise, we provide digital solutions in every stage of the productive cycle, enabling the concept of ‘smart factory’ by the use of developments which allow manufacturers to have a personalized hardware platform, offering great flexibility and adaptability to different industry typologies.

We have an extensive experience in advanced electronic design solutions and control and management-oriented software programming for embedded electronic systems, intended for implementation in capital goods. Our designs are carried out by integrating the latest generation microcontrollers and electronic components, maximizing the functionality to be implemented and the processing capacity.


ITCL has more than ten years of experience in companies’ digital transformation, combining cutting-edge technology with management systems and continuous improvement methodologies.

Our mission relies in helping companies identify improvement opportunities, starting from their knowledge about their processes and creating value through the interconnection of their areas.

Our digitalization support strategy focuses on 8 areas. These areas not only have the capacity of working together, but also they provide great value independently.

All our developments are flexible, which allows us personalizing solutions for each company. These solutions are adapted to Cloud.

  • Design and execute MES (Manufacturing Execution System), e-factory and Scadas
  • Energy Efficiency: Capturing, monitoring and controlling, from anywhere, the energetic usage variables in companies’ infrastructures.
  • Big Data and Smart Factories: Advanced analysis of process data and implementation of artificial intelligence applications which provide true added value.
  • Business Intelligence and Business Analytics.

Production control

We have implemented production monitoring systems in more than 70 companies in different sectors. We digitize the information of automatic, semi-automatic or manual processes through the use of IOT sensors, operator panels, machine PLCs, etc. Our systems are connected transparently with ERP systems, BI databases or other bidirectional, to enrich the production information and thus obtain a real-time image on any device, productivity and efficiency of processes and support production decision making

Energy control

The work of one of the research groups focuses its activity on the efficient use, monitoring and control of energy in production processes. All this knowledge and experience has been transformed into an energy monitoring and control system that allows us to have a detailed vision of the consumption of the processes and their optimization. In addition, this tool is connected to other tools such as production control, maintenance management, and so on.

Maintenance management

As an integral part of the digitization of the company’s processes and data, we have a maintenance management system integrated with the production and energy systems. In this way the company can plan and optimize its maintenance processes, reducing the impact on production. With the help of this solution the company will have a tool for the identification of breakdowns, risks, trends, etc.

Reports and data analysis

The digitization of the company involves an enormous amount of data and the efficient management of this data and its treatment are key tools to turn information into a competitive advantage. Each one of our solutions has data processing tools, visualization of indicators, etc. In addition, we can connect our solutions to other data sources to obtain KPIs that combine production data, energy, maintenance, planning (ERP, CRM), or any indicator that is key to the business. We also develop artificial intelligence algorithms for the efficient use of data and advice for your Big Data needs.

System integration

All our solutions seek the integration of the company’s knowledge and data in a global tool that provides the company with an integrated vision that supports strategic decision making about its processes and products.  We can connect our solutions to the databases of other company tools in order to extract or provide high value information at different levels of the company. For example, extract manufacturing orders from the ERP, transfer it to the operator panels in the plant and transfer the production information back to the ERP. We’ll get more detailed product cost control.

Lean tools and continuous improvement

One of the pillars of our solutions is the prior study of production and business processes. Together with the digitalization we offer a diagnosis of the processes and an accompaniment in the continuous improvement of the same ones. The information provided by production control tools, maintenance, energy, etc. serve as indicators of productivity and process efficiency. They can be used as indicators of opportunities for improvement and their effect. One of our greatest values is to share Lean and digitization to converge in high value solutions that increase the efficiency and competitive advantages of companies.

Warehouse and logistics

In line with the digitization and industry 4.0 tools, we have warehouse control solutions to obtain in-situ information on reception, exit and warehouse stocks. All this information can be connected to the production systems and ERPs of the company to increase control over the supply, movements and needs of the company. All our tools are developed to be used in mobile devices which gives them great flexibility and portability to be used where they are needed.


  • Help obtaining compulsory and voluntary certifications of products
  • Manage the CE Marking of your products
  • Guide you in designing and developing products according to the pertinent legal regulations
  • Realize noise measurement services
  • audit your prevention occupational risks prevention system


Our vision and application in companies of Lean Manufacturing tools is based on a work philosophy that seeks continuous improvement by eliminating non-value adding activities.

  • We diagnose your processes
  • We help with supply chain management
  • We carry out capacity simulations
  • We help implementing 5S, SMED, TPM, KAIZEN tools
  • We analyse plant distributions (Layout)
  • We optimize warehouses’ logistics
  • We design maintenance systems based on reliability (RCM)


ITCL develops innovative mobile solutions with Android Operating System.

Today, mobile phones operating with Android account for more than 85% of smartphones present in Spain.


Work methodology:

  • Case analysis: the best solution for each need is studied.
  • Prototyping: using client’s ideas, market’s leading ideas and our own contributions, we develop a prototype of the solution for validation
  • Development: following the SCRUM methodology, the client will continuously receive information about project’s evolution.
  • Maintenance: we asses our clients in their products’ life cycles by providing technological improvements and new functionalities.

All these solutions are fully configurable according to the customer’s information flows, as well as to client’s business process.


A modular tool, fully integrable in your current Business Management System, which aims to provide mobility to the processes clients want to transform.

Remote monitoring

Access your company’s data, both production and business data, from anywhere in the world.

Android apps services

  • Development of custom apps.
  • Integration of Android solutions in your company’s software.
  • Mobile widget.
  • Back-End Development for online data entry.
  • Development of Geolocation systems.


  • App development: Our ICT team supervises all phases of the project, from analysis, programming, commissioning and user training
  • Collaborative Projects: IITCL works on the project parts the client assigns.
  • In-house team: The ICT team moves to the customer’s facilities.
  • Remote team: We create a team that works in our facilities attending to customer development requests

Custom application development services include:

  • Study of the app with the client and conduct the requirements analysis
  • Design of a proof of concept
  • Design, development and implementation of the application
  • Systems Integration / Consolidation
  • Application Maintenance Services