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Smart transport

Smart transport

In order to make safe and sustainable driving possible, we are working on the development of digital instrumentation applicable to assisted driving to increase safety through anti-collision sensory systems, using intelligent actuation systems that increase active and passive safety.

This line also includes the development of communications systems for the connectivity of vehicles to the infrastructure prepared for autonomous driving.

Present and future projects that have as their main task the start-up of assisted driving systems or the social implementation of the electric vehicle, also enhancing sustainability and autonomy.

Technologies in which ITCL works:

  • Assisted driving
  • Vehicle connectivity
  • Electric vehicle, intelligent charging systems, management platforms


FitDrive – Control Device for Drivers

FitDrive is a project whose purpose is to minimize the risk of accidents through the use of a monitoring device for drivers. The goal of determining fitness to drive is to strike a balance between minimizing driving-related road safety risks to the individual, the community, maintaining the driver's lifestyle and their employment-related mobility independence.

Duration: 2021 - 2024

InRoad 4.0 – Intelligent roads for 0 vision (0 fatalities, 0 injuries, 0 traffic jams and 0 emissions)

The project will facilitate the adoption of technological solutions to provide useful information to road users (for safer driving), road concession companies (for better road maintenance and greater resource efficiency), public agencies (for proper decision making in road planning) and emergency bodies (to intervene quickly and safely).

Duration: 2018 - 2022

Inroad 4.0