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PROductivity InDUstrial enhanCement through enabling TechnlOgies

Productio: PROductivity InDUstrial enhanCement through enabling TechnlOgies National Project PRODUCTIO (PROductivity InDUstrial Enhancement through enabling TechnlOgies) is a multisectorial and multidisciplinary R & D Consortium that collaborates in an effective way, formed by 8 top-level companies, 7 of them industrial, led

Power demand management in car parks

Mas-I-Reve. Decission making Multi-agent system (MAS) for power demand management of electric vehicle charging in large facilities (garages and car parkings) National Project File: RTC-2014-3059-4 The aim is to develop a Decision Making Multi-Agent System for Power Demand Management of Electric

Bio-Acuisensor. Contaminant detection

Bio-Acuisensor. Automatic multisensor system for contaminant detection in salt waters aquaculture production European Project File: IDI-20140867 The project objective is the development of a system featuring several biosensors with the aim of detecting polluting substances (or substances that are of interest for

ISO 15118 Electric Vehicle charging system

NG-ESTAND-VE. Development of a new generation of electric vehicle recharging systems in compliance with ISO/IEC 15118 standard National Project File: IDI-20140341 This project is funded by CDTI to develop a new generation of Electric Vehicle (EV) recharging systems in compliance

DHEMOS Integral Mobility Management

Development of integral mobility management tools for sustainable mobility Regional Project File: CCTT10BU002 The DHEMOS Project (“Desarrollo de herramientas de gestión integral para la movilidad sostenible” – “Development of sustainable mobility integral management tools”) is focused on the balanced and