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Simulation and Virtual Reality

Simulation and virtual reality

ITCL develops research and innovation projects within the field of ​​graphical computer science of simulation and virtual reality.

Simulation and virtual reality technologies

In this field, are comprehended the following technologies:

  • High Performance Simulator Design: Virtual training for military and risk environments, machine handling and driving of special vehicles.
  • Interactive / 3D industrial maintenance manuals and product manuals.
  • Virtual Reality (RV) / Augmented Reality (RA) for heritage, trade, tourism and museums: Virtual tours, interactive systems for visitors / clients.
  • RV / RA for training: Educational video games, Serious Games, courses, interactive support tools for the disabled.
  • Artificial vision: Advanced recognition algorithms: Detection of defects in parts, classification, monitoring and biometry, facial reconstruction, 3D model capture, Indoor Tracking and environmental recognition, visual odometry.

Simulación y Realidad Virtual