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Mindtooth. Wearable device to decode human mind by Neurometrics for a new concept of smart interaction with the surrounding environment

European Project

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Mindtooth will enable a truly “intelligent” and “cooperative” interaction between human-actors (e.g., car drivers, aircraft pilots, factory workers) and the devices surrounding them by using cerebral signals.

In fact, the Mindtooth system will return a set of “neurometric primitives” -based operations that industry can use to tune a new range of “user-responsive” services, therefore augmenting the Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and conjugating it in the forefront concept of Human-Machine Cooperation. Vehicle’s interiors, aircraft cockpits, industrial inspection and mainenance, factory control dashboards, and operative workstations in general are expected to become more and more automated, aiming to increase precision, productivity and safety. However, on the other hand their total autonomy from human control could be counter-productive especially where human intervention is the key to increase quality, flexibility, and creativity when needed.
Mindtooth is foreseen to establish a new era within the HMI domain, where systems will

(i) be designed taking into consideration the actual user’s perception, and

(ii) truly become “cognitive-able”, being able to sense users’ psychophysiological state and to make informed decisions according to their timely needs and intentions.


Specific Objectives

In particular, it is expected that Mindtooth will be integrated into the next generation of intelligent control interfaces and dashboards to provide added services to the users, such as drivers, pilots and industrial workers in general, as well as during their training and evaluation protocols. It is therefore imaginable how Mindtooth fully fit the needs of the emerging field of Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Duration: 24 months 2020-2022


This project has been financed through the Call Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) of the European Commission