CAMASMART - Adaptive device to improve the autonomy of people

CAMASMART – Adaptive device to improve the autonomy of people in and out of bed

Project Description:

File: AEI 19/15 

The CAMASMART project: “Adaptive device for the improvement of the autonomy of people entering and leaving bed” is a cooperative project that aims to develop the methodology that generates the technical specifications of a pre-prototype solution that fits the need detected in the field of dependence, in the access/exit of an ordinary bed, through adaptive devices.

The expected result of the project is to obtain the technical specifications and preliminary design in order to generate a pre-prototype of device that specifically fits the needs detected in people in a situation of dependency that, to date, are not covered by the offer that is on the market.


6 months (2019)

Regional Project in Cooperation with:


It is a project financed by the Junta de Castilla y León, through the program of subsidies for support to the Innovative Business Associations (AAEEII) of the Community of Castilla y León


Javier Sedano – R&D Director at ITCL Technology Center