ABECATIM - Absorption of kinetic energy in shock absorbers : ITCL

Kinetic energy absorption systems in impact attenuators integrating applied intelligence for detection, qualification and response to accidents

National Project

File: ITC-20151039

The main objective of the project is the design and development of a kinetic energy absorption system to be integrated into impact attenuation infrastructures installed on the road network. This system also includes an intelligent structure for accident detection and the emission of information to the emergency and civil protection networks, with the entire system adapted to the specifications of the road.

The incorporation of an intelligent system in this road infrastructure is intended to complement the existing information network on accidents in real time, developing a communications system associated with infrastructure-vehicle IV2 and complementary to the European e-call system.

Technical Objetives

  • To design a new and innovative system for absorbing kinetic energy to be integrated into impact attenuators.
  • To evaluate the severity of impacts from the deformation and forces that occur in the metal safety barriers and impact attenuators placed in the Spanish road network.
  • Sensing the shock absorber to detect the severity of the impact
  • Develop an intelligent infrastructure that identifies the level of damage and impact on attenuators and facilitates:
    • Communicate accidents in real time
    • Protecting the infrastructure to claim damages by the competent administration
    • Manage information through web applications about the state of the road and accidents to other users and vehicles on the road before accessing the accident area and inform about the complications of the road and the state of the road
  • Visualize the location and cause of the incident/accident by prioritizing the risk and severity of the accident.
  • Demonstrate the integration of infrastructure as an ITS information provision element in the communications architecture of cooperative systems.
  • Validate under experimental and real conditions the behavior of the intelligent crash cushion, evaluating its performance and robustness during the occurrence of the collision.

Duration: 2015-2017


Project partners

Research entities

The project is financed through the FEDER-INNTERCONECTA 2015 Programme