ITCL electronics and artificial intelligence projects


Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody has though”. (Albert Szent-Györgyi)

Electronics and Artificial Intelligence. Projects

RecExpert 4.0: Digital Expert System for Injection Moulding of Recycled Thermoplastic Materials

The RecExpert 4.0 project aims to respond to the technological need to question the thermoplastic injection process by taking advantage of new Industry 4.0 technologies to ensure the quality level of injected products in the face of the variability of raw materials...

KAIROS – Intelligent and automated 4.0 manufacturing of large naval composite parts

Research in cutting-edge composite manufacturing technologies, Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin aimed at developing a solution for the efficient manufacturing of large composite parts for the shipbuilding sector, with a high degree of automation, as well as quality and cost optimisation.

Duration: October 2021-September 2025

SMART NOC – Research on emerging technologies for intelligent management of communication network control centres

Project Description: This project proposes research into cutting-edge technologies for the design and implementation of an intelligent system for the integral management of the Network Operations Center (NOC) of a broadcast network. SmartNOC will integrate the most...

RecComp 4.0: Digital system for quality assurance and traceability in the RECOVERY of recycled thermoplastic materials by COMPOUND

RecComp 4.0 seeks to address the urgent need to establish traceability and process control of the compounding of recycled thermoplastic material in order to ensure a quality equivalent to current original raw materials from fossil sources.

Duration: 2022

AgrarIA. Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Value Chain of Agricultural Production 2050

Research into the entire value chain of agricultural production through systems governed by artificial intelligence, with CO2 reduction, energy sustainability, productivity and competitiveness.

Duration: 2021-2024

INMERBOT – Research into immersive and sensory technologies for collaborative industrial robotic inspection environments

INMERBOT is an R&D project with a clear scope: To advance knowledge of teleoperation and management of multi-robotic systems in highly immersive environments for inspection and maintenance applications.

Duration: 2021-2024

IBERUS – Biomedical Engineering Technology Network applied to degenerative pathologies of the neuromusculoskeletal system in out-of-hospital clinical settings

IBERUS is the name of the Network of Excellence of the 4 Technology Centers (CCTT) that have defined a Strategic Program with the aim of stimulating the Cervera 15 Priority Technology, framed among the technologies for health, both in the research and development activities of the centers themselves and in the business and clinical context

Duration: 2021 - 2023