ISO 15118 Electric Vehicle charging system

NG-ESTAND-VE. Development of a new generation of electric vehicle recharging systems in compliance with ISO/IEC 15118 standard

National Project

File: IDI-20140341

This project is funded by CDTI to develop a new generation of Electric Vehicle (EV) recharging systems in compliance with ISO/IEC 15118 standard that provide an efficient management of the charging infrastructure. The main project objectives are:

  • To develop an open mode 3 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, suitable for CE marking and in compliance with international standards.
  • To develop a master-slave charging topology in compliance with ISO/IEC 15118 standard and several other protocols used by the main Spanish electric power distributors, such as Iberdrola and Endesa.
  • To ensure the viability of its homologation by the Electric Vehicle manufacturers, such us Renault, whose homologation requirements are more restrictive than those specified in the applicable regulations.
  • To achieve the scalability of the developed products to facilitate their sales process, so that they can act as whole standalone charging systems or as subset of a system with products from other manufacturers.

Project length: 2013-2015
This project has been funded by CDTI and company Fagor Electrónica, S.Coop.