Simulation and Virtual Reality Archivos - ITCL

Machine Vision

ITCL develops projects of Research and Development in the field of Machine Vision. By using data captured by conventional or industrial cameras, advanced Computer Vision Algorithms can be used to simplify, automate or improve a large range of tasks:  

Special Vehicles Driving Simulator

The main objective of simulators is proportionate a more complete training, avoiding risks, intending to reproduce visual, auditory and physical sensations from the environment. Their great advantage is that it allows to simulate realistically risky situations without dangers to the

Virtual Reality

ITCL has large experience in the development of Virtual Reality projects, with a complete laboratory. Our projects comprehend motion capture, stereoscopy, indoor tracking, driving simulations, serious games, virtual visits, 3D scanning. The VR technology allows the creation of immersive virtual

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality technology integrates the virtual with the real world, merging seamlessly virtual images into a video sequence in real time. It can be applied to a large gamma of applications such as interactive manuals, educational guides and marketing.

3D Interaction

By the use of immersive 3D environments, it is possible to validate the plant layout of a new building, verify visibility conditions or visualize a full manufacturing plant observing the working production lines before its construction. This technology also allows