Virtual Reality ITCL

ITCL has large experience in the development of Virtual Reality projects, with a complete laboratory. Our projects comprehend motion capture, stereoscopy, indoor tracking, driving simulations, serious games, virtual visits, 3D scanning.

The VR technology allows the creation of immersive virtual environments for training, simulation of real or imaginary environments. The main actuation of ITCL in this field is the application of VR into the industrial context.

Interactive Virtual Visit to the ITCL Virtual Reality Laboratory

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Visita virtual realidad aumentada laboratorio

Simulation of Industrial Processes

Simulacion procesos industrialesCaptura movimientoSimulates manufacturing processes, with real workers, proportioning great advantages such as:

  • Worker training for new manufacturing lines, still not installed and operative
  • Learning curve measurements
  • Training in hazardous zones
  • Early error correction in the design stage
  • Increase worker safety in hazardous work environments
  • Ergonomic studies