Realidad Aumentada

Realidad aumentada ITCL

The Augmented Reality technology integrates the virtual with the real world, merging seamlessly virtual images into a video sequence in real time.

It can be applied to a large gamma of applications such as interactive manuals, educational guides and marketing.


Augmented Reality, Advertising and Marketing

Technical demonstration of the possibilities of Augmented Reality for interactive games, advertising, marketing, demonstrations , workshops…

Visualization, Interaction, Shaders, Dynamic lighting

Interaction with Physics Libraries

Augmented Reality for Pc

Augmented Reality using computers offers several advantages over mobile devices, at expenses of reduced mobility. The most pronounced improvements are:

  • Representation of complex environments
  • Larger visualization screens
  • Higher image definition and resolution
  • Accurate physics

ITCL develops AR applications to both platforms, with special emphasis in applications for maintenance, architectural or historical heritage visualization, physics-based games and advertising.