Bio-Acuisensor. Contaminant detection

Bio-Acuisensor. Automatic multisensor system for contaminant detection in salt waters aquaculture production


European Project


File: IDI-20140867


The project objective is the development of a system featuring several biosensors with the aim of detecting polluting substances (or substances that are of interest for any other reason) in liquid media (fresh water or sea water) and their automatic and continuous monitoring in aquaculture production. This system will provide real-time detection, data analysis, monitoring and warning triggering to mobile or stationary environments by means of Cloud Computing systems.


The multisensor device, intended to have generic application capability, will provide connectivity for three biosensors, each of them designed for a specific substance.


The internal electronics gathers information from the sensors and enables its transmission to a Cloud system in real-time, scheduled, on-demand and data usage limit control modes. In addition, the device will feature GPS connectivity to enable its geo-positioning.



This project has been funded by CDTI within EAA-GRANTS 2014 Call