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School of Empathy, a game to combat bulling

ITCL has recently launched a video game that seeks to combat bullying. In this way, the aim is to answer questions such as what to do in a bullying situation or how we can correct this type of situation. A 'serious game' developed from Burgos with the aim of fighting against bullying and that allows the player to acquire responsible behavior to avoid bullying situations in the school environment.

Sofía Vallecorsa CERN: “The role of the private sector in the field of quantum computing is very relevant with an ecosystem of companies that are already looking towards it”

Talking about quantum computing at the European level is talking about CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research. From her laboratories, Sofía Vallecorsa has been working for years on the analysis and potential of quantum computing. From the Franco-Swiss border, Vallecorsa leads the study of the Quantum Technology Initiative, dedicated to investigating the impact of quantum technologies (computing, detection and communication) in the field of High Energy Physics.