NeuroCPS4Maintenance, intelligent sensors for industrial maintenance

The NeuroCPS4Maintance experiment financed with European funds started on March 1, 2021. The members of the consortium attended a first webinar on the functioning of the DIH4CPS financing network, and kicked off the project, presenting its objectives in an initial event organized by the DIH4CPS network on March 5.

Each DIH4CPS-funded project (12 in total throughout Europe) made a public presentation of their Application Experiment at that event. Dr. Javier Sedano, from ITCL Technological Center, as project manager, was the one who made the pitch on the technological development that will be carried out at NeuroCPS4Maintenance.

The main objective of NeuroCPS4Maintenance is to create a new type of intelligent sensor, anomaly detector in industrial environments, based on deep learning algorithms, capable of warning of machine failures in advance, and providing a fast and safe response in real time .

Consortium is made up of ITCL Technological Center, and the Alicante-based SME Intigia, a specialist in artificial intelligence in embedded systems. The Digital Innovation Hub Industry 4.0, as a specialized entity, will coordinate the final tests in a real environment in a Burgos factory. If the technology is validated, it will help ITCL and Intigia bring the results to market.

The final objective is to generate a new intelligent Spanish hardware, which can be transferred to the market

NeuroCPS4Maintenance project has obtained direct funding in the First Call for Proposals for Application Experiments in the field of Cyber-physical and Embedded systems, from the European DIH4CPS network, which offers direct, high-intensity grants through cascading funds to projects of this nature, in which SMEs participate.