IDCS optimization of railway remote controls

HECATE- Integral Distributed Control System (IDCS) optimization of railway remote controls

Project Description:

With the HECATE project, TELICE wants to adapt the digital infrastructure of the SICD from the current state to one that allows the exploitation of data through the proposed technologies: Big data analytics, predictive maintenance and Blockchain.

Problem to be solved:

The existing systems in the sector are not able to exploit the enormous amount of data that they store on the variables of railway traction substations in a secure manner. In the same way, TELICE has detected in these systems the possibility of optimizing the management and processing of data through novel and disruptive technologies.

Project Resolution Objectives:

The general objective of the project is the development of an optimized, efficient, 100% safe and efficient integrated distributed control system (DICS) that offers effective management through advanced tools for predictive maintenance of the railway installation.

A SICD of the intended characteristics implies the research of several technologies linked to Industry 4.0. that will allow a digital transformation of these control systems and a new disruptive approach in the management and unattended maintenance for the railway administration.

The incorporation of technologies related to Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain will base an important technological advance on these control systems, looking for efficiency for the companies that carry out the maintenance of railroad tracks, obtaining crucial information for the management and field operations of the inspection and control teams of these infrastructures.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Define topology, technology and necessary technological components.
  • Develop specific solutions that respond to the shortcomings detected in current market systems.Investigate a new hardware/software platform with AI model processing capability to increase cybersecurity at the network level.
  • Integrate physical and computational components to overcome current integrated systems.
  • Validate the developments in a SICD pilot in the railway environment.

Project duration:

2022 – 2023

National project in cooperation with:


ITCL Centro Tecnológico

Funded by:

The project has been funded through the CDTI’s PID program.

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Ángel López – Head of Applications and Firmware Area