Private Transportation - ITCL

Electronic device for private collective transportation

This technology is intended to promote the sustainable use of private vehicles.

Car_Pooling TEC is an electronic device that enables the management and monitoring of passenger occupation in vehicles.

Its aims are:

  • To promote the shared use of vehicles through new technologies.
  • To ease the shared trips logging by means of electronic logging via GPRS.
  • To facilitate the analysis of the trips by means of the GPS log of the routes.
  • To provide the management agents with a shared use management technology to promote pricing, Access control, etc.

The passenger occupation control in private vehicles with CAR_POOLING TEC has several applications:

  • Cities/City Councils: Restricted Areas Access Control, areas restricted to a minimum number of passengers, incentives application, etc.
  • Interior facilities: public car parks, restricted parking, airports, etc.
  • University campus, Colleges, Schools, etc.
  • Companies, industrial areas, etc. that produce significant workers transit (industrial areas, storages, office buildings): access control, parking use monitoring, etc.
  • Tolls, High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes.
  • Taxis and public passenger transportation businesses.


  • User Control: Car_Pooling TEC system is based on the GPRS communication of the route events in a vehicle (route, passengers getting in/out), and the subsequent analysis of the information by a web technology-based application. 
  • In-vehicle technology: each vehicle is equipped with a Car_Pooling TEC device with featuring:
    • GPS Positioning.
    • User identification by RFID card.
    • GPRS data transmission.
    • GPRS Automatic data download system.
  • Software and Web Application:  the software is based on a Web Application that provides the control interface.

Currently there are two versions that enable user and route control by means of RFID cards and of wireless connection (latest updated version).