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Software for clustering of genes

SOFT COMPUTING FOR DYNAMIX SERIES CLASSIFICATION IN GENE EXPRESSION PROFILING Our won Soft Computing comprises several algorithms for co-expressed genes grouping in data analysis microarrays (MDA). Suitable for researchers trying to determine relevant genes and their co-expressed relations for large dynamic data sets so that

Software over wrapper system model

Feature selection software over wrapper system model   This Feature Selection Software by means of a Wrapper System of our own design is based on models and it is suitable for researchers trying to determine relevant features and their relations

Feature Selection Software

Feature selection software, Modeling, data classification and decision making FEATURE SELECTION SOFTWARE Our own Soft Computing Software for feature selection and data dimensionality reduction in new products design uses experimentation design. It is suitable for researches focusing on determining relevant

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

Charging points placed in public environments have special requirements. Their installation in a garage, community parking or public car park also means specific requirements: contracted power might not be enough; there may be several entrances to the facility, etc. ITCL

Data Logger – Data Acquisition Devices

Acceleromenter-based movement data measurement and acquisition Our Data loggers are devices developed by ITCL aiming for the measurement and acquisition of movement data for experimentation purposes by researchers. They are enclosed in a wristband so that they can be easily