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Lean Manufacturing

Our vision and application in companies of the tools of production technologies or Lean Manufacturing is based on a philosophy of work that seeks continuous improvement by eliminating activities that do not add value. Through the application of the methodologies

Industrial Security

We help you to obtain mandatory and voluntary product certifications We manage the CE Marking of your products CE Marking We guide you in design and development of products in accordance with legal regulations We measure noise We audit your

Industry 4.0: Connected and Sustainable Industry

ITCL has more than ten years of experience in digital transformation for companies, combining state-of-the-art technology with management systems and continuous improvement methodologies. Our mission is to help the company identify opportunities for improvement based on the knowledge of its

Android applications

ITCL develops innovative solutions for mobile OS Android. Today in Spain account for more than 85% of Smartphone. Working Methodology Case Analysis: the best solution for every need is studied. Prototyping: with ideas provided by the customer, the best the market

Customized Software

Application development: Our ICT team oversees all project phases, from the analysis, programming, implementation and user training. Collaborative Projects: ITCL takes over parts of the project that may be assigned by the custome. Team in-house: The ICT team moves to the customer