SV3D. Security systems and 3D video surveillance based on videogametry
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SV3D – 3D security and video surveillance systems based on videogrametry.

Project Description:

File: RTC-2017-6316-8

The SV3D project aims to develop an online 3D content generation system based on videogrammetry and focused on the security sector, which fully automatically models objects and environments in three dimensions with the only resource of a video recording, and allows modeling through recordings made both static and dynamic objects and spaces.

Project Resolution Objectives:

Scientific Objectives:

  • Advance research in digital image analysis and calibration procedures and generation of densified 3D content using video recording.
  • To advance research in new approaches to ensure privacy, confidentiality, integrity, traceability, auditability and verifiability of information in a highly connected and complex context, such as the IoT (Internet of Things) domain.

Technological objectives:

  • Creation of a 3D content viewer specifically for surveillance and security environments.
  • Development of a 3D content generation system based on video, regardless of the type of recording device and that carries out the data processing externally (Cloud environment).
  • Development of a 3D content generation system as close to real time as possible, (or deferred with short delay), providing continuous 3D content (what could be defined as a real 3D video).
  • Development of an online 3D content visualization platform, with editing, monitoring and analysis tools focused on the specific requirements and needs of the security sector.
  • Construction of a 3D documentation system that is easy to use, accessible from any place, time and device, and with the ability to securely transfer information between organizations.
  • Analysis and implementation of a system based on blockchain technology for the maintenance of the chain of custody of the information, so that it is immutable and can ensure the integrity of the information.
  • Development and configuration of the necessary software components to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, integrity, traceability, auditability and verifiability of the information from the moment it is captured to the processing phase.

Project Duration:

2018 – 2021

Proyecto Nacional en Cooperación con:

For the realization of this project, we will rely on the research work in photogrammetry and cloud processing carried out so far by the company eCapture3D. ITCL will contribute its knowledge in capture and localization with vision techniques as well as in the visualization part through high performance graphic engines. The security of the system will be guaranteed by the research carried out by the EURECAT technology center and the access to the target market and the study of the needs of the application in security will be provided by the experience of ONDATA.

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ITCL Centro Tecnológico
ITCL Centro Tecnológico
ITCL Centro Tecnológico

The project has been funded through the 2017 Challenge-Collaboration program.

Contact Person:

Javier Sedano – R&D Director at ITCL Technology Center