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Peivpro – Professional Virtual Immersion Course

Project Description:

Peivpro will facilitate the integration of students from socio-healthcare vocational training programs into the professional world by exposing them to real professional situations through the completion of interactive virtual immersion training modules within local structures. This project is based on cooperation among four partners from three countries (France, Spain, Italy), three training centers, and a virtual immersion specialist, led by Etcharry Formation Développement.

Project Resolution Objectives:

  • Adaptation of training paths to an experiential logic based on technological innovations such as virtual reality to work on key professional skills.
  • Facilitate the integration of students from the training programs led by project partners (DE AES, P.C. Sociosanitary Care for People in Social Institutions, CQP OSS) into the professional world by facing real professional situations through a typical day of professionals.
  • Increase the attractiveness of training in the social and medico-social sector by offering innovative training modules.
  • Create synergy among training centers, the actor in technological innovation, and social and medico-social action organizations around an innovative project.


  • Creation of three virtual immersion training modules of at least 28 hours each for each of the corresponding training courses (DE AES, P.C. Sociosanitary Care for Dependent Persons in Social Institutions, CQP OSS).
  • Develop an innovative pedagogical proposal that reinforces the attractiveness of training for supporting vulnerable people.
  • Create, together with the other partners, specific best practices for each training and country to improve the quality of education for the three training courses in question.

Project Duration:

October 2023 – September 2025

European project in cooperation with:

ITCL Centro Tecnológico

Project funded under the Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership Projects in Vocational Education (AC2).

Contact person:

Patricia Torre – Simulation and Virtual Reality Unit.