PROductivity InDUstrial enhanCement through enabling TechnlOgies ITCL

PROductivity InDUstrial enhanCement through enabling TechnlOgies

Productio: PROductivity InDUstrial enhanCement through enabling TechnlOgies

National Project

PRODUCTIO (PROductivity InDUstrial Enhancement through enabling TechnlOgies) is a multisectorial and multidisciplinary R & D Consortium that collaborates in an effective way, formed by 8 top-level companies, 7 of them industrial, led by GMV (Global Internet Solutions) and supported by 5 Research organizations of reference in Spain.

The objective of the project is to research on various technologies, techniques, tools, methodologies and knowledge aimed at increasing the operational capacity of industrial processes (Overall Equipment Efficiency – OEE) within the framework of the connected industry. PRODUCTIO will allow the adoption of productive and maintenance solutions in the connected industry and facilitate digital confidence through new security approaches.

The project:

  • It focuses on the use of certain leading national industries, from various sectors (automotive, machine tools, steel, …). They aim to be the germ of standardized solutions within the Industry 4.0 concept, through the creation of a reference architecture and the necessary framework for the interoperability of the connected industry.
  • Aligns the vision of the Industrial Partners with the vision of the ICT Partners.
  • It focuses on the research of a large number of technologies that influence the industry 4.0 or connected industry. And it proposes a new perspective that combines three important pillars: advanced maintenance, management of the value chain and cybersecurity.

Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0

PRODUCTIO prioritizes research into the current needs and challenges of industrial companies, as well as their digitization, in order to optimize the global industrial efficiency index through the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 (Big Data, intelligent algorithms, machine learning, cloud computing, collaborative robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality …).

It complements this strategy with the integration of flexible platforms adapted to industrial problems, which allows them to be placed on the market once validated in the case studies of the industrial companies involved in the project.

The budget of the project is € 7.7M over a period of 48 months.



Duration: 2016-2020

The project has been funded through the CIEN 2016 Call of the CDTICDTI

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