Power demand management in car parks

Mas-I-Reve. Decission making Multi-agent system (MAS) for power demand management of electric vehicle charging in large facilities (garages and car parkings)

National Project

File: RTC-2014-3059-4

The aim is to develop a Decision Making Multi-Agent System for Power Demand Management of Electric Vehicle Charging in Large Facilities, that enables the efficient performance of the infrastructure and power purchase. Some of its most relevant features are:

  • Predicted energy consumption (demand) for each facility, enabling its management optimisation.
  • Decision making support, especially when contracting energy, so that the purchased energy matches the demand.
  • Compliance with most recent standards, including communication with every market actor in compliance with ISO/IEC 15118-1 and ISO/IEC 15118-2.
  • Multi-objective optimisation of the decision making process based on cost, profitability, reserve capacity, trading window period, node –garages- assignment granularity (window periods in which node assignation is constant),  etc. criteria.

The expected outcome of this project is an strategic objective of FAGOR Company as manufacturer and supplier of charging systems and equipment and of Aduriz as energy operator and distributor, which means a unique competitive advantage.

Project partners

This project has been funded within Program Retos Colaboración 2014