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PLUG&CHARGE: Improvements to electric vehicle processes and fleet management

National Project

File: ITC-20151139

The objective of the project is to develop a complete solution aimed at streamlining and optimizing the current processes related to electric vehicle recharging, as well as identifying and providing new communication channels to obtain information during the recharging processes and the running of the vehicles, in order to close the circle between the different agents that intervene or may intervene in the management of recharging and vehicle fleet management. To this end, work will focus on:

  • Improve the experience of drivers in detecting the need for recharging and the recharging process itself This objective is pursued through the premise “The electric vehicle is an appliance for more than one customer, although sometimes it consumes outside the usual supply“, making a change in the paradigm of contracting services, making a single bill for recharging services, eliminating the use of RFID cards and move to a model of self-identification vehicle-point of recharge and eliminating the necessary interventions in the vehicles to hire a fleet management.
  • To define new relationship models and communication channels between the agents involved in the electric vehicle recharge management business, and in the fleet management business, in order to reduce their operating costs and simplify their relationships with customers. To this end, we will implement measures to take advantage of the physical fact and the communication capacities of the recharge cables, evolution of communication protocols, elimination of the use of AVLs and the use of on-board tablets for the deployment of applications, sensorization, capture of vehicle data and as a communication channel.

Duration: 2015-2017

Project partners

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The project is financed through the FEDER-INNTERCONECTA 2015 Programme