Intelligent manufacturing of large naval composite parts

KAIROS – Intelligent and automated 4.0 manufacturing of large naval composite parts

Project Description:

This project proposes research in cutting-edge composite manufacturing technologies, Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin aimed at developing a solution for the efficient manufacture of large composite parts for the naval sector, with a high degree of automation, as well as quality and cost optimisation.

Problem to be solved:

The KAIROS project will facilitate the development and adoption of a technological solution for the manufacture of naval components by developing composite materials (composites) through research into manufacturing processes with a high degree of automation, achieving:

30-40% weight reduction compared to steel structures, with equal or better mechanical performance, fire and corrosion protection properties;
and with a full supply cycle cost (design, materials, labour, quality control and defects) 40-50% lower than current composite manufacturing technologies.
This will be achieved through research into technologies such as new lightweight composite materials, automated manufacturing processes, machine vision, sensorisation, artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twinning.

Project Resolution Objectives:

The technical objectives of the KAIROS project are to investigate cutting-edge technologies in materials and manufacturing processes, as well as Industry 4.0, for the efficient manufacture of large composite parts for naval applications:

  • Preliminary analysis and feasibility
  • Fibre placement and preforming control
  • Infusion control
  • Curing control
  • Dimensional control
  • Digital Twin
  • Structural monitoring system applicable to marine environment
  • Shipbuilding component design modelling
  • Simulation of composite infusion process

Project duration:

October 2021 – September 2025

National project in cooperation with:


ITCL Centro Tecnológico

Public research organisations:

ITCL Centro Tecnológico

Founded by:

The project has been funded through the CIEN Call of the CDTI.

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Javier Sedano – Director de I+D

Miguel Portal – Responsable del Área de TICs