Databackoff - Intelligent industrial control. Maintenance and security

DATABACKOFF. Data Scientistics in the Industrial Back Office

The DATABACKOFF project consists of the development of software and hardware technologies to improve the information and management systems of companies.

It provides the following vision in the face of such current interrelated events as the use of data warehouses, predictive maintenance, industrial cyber security, blockchain, IoT network management through LPWA technology:

  1. Management of the storage of large volumes of data (Data in the industrial Back Office): development of intelligent algorithms to support the generation of alerts that will allow access and parallel processing of data, ensuring recovery from communication failures, and optimizing the aggregations of partial data.
  2. Maintenance management: by learning, improving and planning maintenance using analytical data tools under the paradigm of Big data (Analytics) to predict the future point of breakage or failure of a component or system and the determination of operations.
  3. Cybersecurity in industrial control systems (ICS): designing a security broker that analyses data and data flows between ICS systems and determines whether these data are correct or not.
  4. IoT network management: using LPWA (LowPower Wide Area) technology that allows to implement in the information collection systems based on Big data platform, LPWA connectivity technology, such as: NB-IoT, Lora and Sigfox.
  5. Use of Blockchain technology to secure information on decentralized IoT platforms.

Collaboration with companies

The scope of DATABACKOFF is directed to the industrial companies, and to the capital goods manufacturers of Castilla y León. ITCL incorporates the experience and scientific-technical knowledge to develop this industrial research project

Five companies from the industrial fabric of Castilla y León (Gonvarri Burgos, Aduriz Energía, TeliceIndustrias J.L. Blanco and Cobra) participate in this project in effective collaboration, with different case studies where they can test and prove the same common objective. From its conception/definition to the validation and application of the results that increase the knowledge and research capacities of the Technology Centre.

In addition, a Back Office laboratory will be set up to assess and analyse the use of the technologies developed, facilitating new approaches to the maintenance and optimisation of manufacturing processes.


The goal of Data Scientistics in the Industrial Back Office is the research of software and hardware for advanced analysis of stored data.

Based on the stored data, a more exhaustive investigation will be carried out in different fields of work using enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, such as making a prediction in the maintenance phase that improves the level of overall efficiency of the industrial process using analytical tools, under the paradigm of Big Data (Analytisc), as well as data security for the manufacturing process or management of manufactured and distributed capital goods

Therefore, in order that the maintenance carried out on different machines allows the anticipation of breakdowns, defect prediction, anticipated, planned and programmed repair, the existing problems in the industrial sector will be resolved.

Duration: 2018-2020

This project is funded through the 2017 call for proposals of the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León. Non-competitive aid for applied R&D projects carried out by the Technology Centres of Castilla y León, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)