Epilepsy pattern characterization project | ITCL

Use of triaxial accelerometers for the characterization of movement patterns in epileptic patients

Regional Project

File: BIO/BU01/15

The main objective of this project is the characterization of the movement patterns characteristic of epileptic episodes by means of sensors placed on one of the patients’ wrists and including a triaxial accelerometer sensor.

The aim of the project is, through the simulation of movements in epilepsy episodes, to determine the appropriate clustering algorithms to extract movement patterns of epileptic patients.

In addition, we will try to determine the learning models for classification and alarm generation, either through models based on fuzzy rules, or with models based on discrete or fuzzy association rules.

Once the project has been completed, it will be possible to carry out tests on patients, as the appropriate techniques and infrastructure will be available to carry out supervised and unsupervised registrations.

Principal Investigator: Javier Sedano Franco

Other researchers: Silvia González González, David Peña Maldonado, Ángel López Campo, José Ramón Villar Flecha, Manuel Menéndez González, Jerónimo González Bernal, Álvaro Herrero Cosío

The project has been funded through the call for grants for research projects in biomedicine, health management and socio-health care in the framework of the policy R & D + i 2015 of the Regional Health Management of the Junta de Castilla y León