ITCL and SIMUMAK join forces to work on new driving simulators - ITCL
  • SIMUMAK will count on ITCL as a preferred technology partner for its technical collaboration needs and R&D projects.
  • The collaboration seeks to boost developments in simulation, virtual reality and procedural scenarios, which contributes to the improvement of road safety and occupational risk prevention.
acuerdo Simumak-ITCL

Burgos-Madrid. June 21, 2021.

ITCL Technology Center and SIMUMAK join capacities and knowledge and start a stable technical collaboration in projects related to the development of driving simulators and procedural scenarios, in which both entities have several synergic lines of work.

Thus, ITCL becomes the technological partner of SIMUMAK; a Spanish company belonging to the Everis Group that has extensive experience in the development of simulation solutions for the automotive, construction, mining, defense and logistics sectors. In its 15 years of existence, it has more than 5,000 simulators installed in more than 19 different countries.

Both entities have signed a collaboration agreement for the next three years based on the synergies detected and the possibilities of joint development. Thus, SIMUMAK will count on ITCL as a preferential technological partner for its technical collaboration needs and R&D projects; and ITCL will do the same in the promotion of initiatives and projects of different nature.
To this end, mixed work teams will be formed with personnel from both centers to advance in new solutions for simulation systems and procedural systems.

Both ITCL and SIMUMAK have extensive experience in the field of simulation and procedural scenarios.

Applied research

David Morán, CEO of Simumak, says he is very satisfied with the agreement: “It will allow us to give a boost to various aspects of the developments and projects of both companies. Having joint teams can be very positive”.
From ITCL this alliance is framed in its work philosophy of direct cooperation with companies. ITCL’s Virtual Reality technical team, led by researcher Javier Melús, is currently a national reference in the design of training simulators and the generation of virtual scenarios. The director of ITCL, José María Vela, explains that the orientation of the work of the researchers to the direct needs of the business world is the key to the success of the Technology Center.

The collaboration between ITCL and Simumak seeks to promote through R&D the developments in simulation, virtual reality and procedural scenarios of both companies. Thanks to this, these advances are applied in projects that contribute to the improvement of road safety, occupational risk prevention and, in general, to cover a wide range of needs of companies and society.


ITCL Centro Tecnológico

ITCL is a technology center created 32 years ago, headquartered in Burgos, and with a wide national presence. More than 70 researchers develop projects closely linked to the needs of companies in sectors as diverse as industry, health or defense. Its research groups accumulate extensive experience in research lines in electronic design, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, energy modeling and applications in industry 4.0.



Simumak is a Spanish B2B company that is part of the multinational group Everis. It has more than 15 years of experience designing and developing simulation and virtual reality solutions to transform professional training, education and certification processes in the automotive, construction, mining, defense and logistics sectors. Headquartered in Madrid, it has teams installed in more than 19 countries around the world.