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Ready Twin – Research in Emerging Technologies to Achieve Innovative Solutions for Digital TWINs


National Project


Ready Twin (Research in Emerging technologies to Achieve innovative solutions for Digital TWINs), in its Spanish term Gemelos Digitales, is a multi-sector and multidisciplinary R&D Consortium. In the consortium collaborate effectively 7 technological, engineering and asset management companies of first level that in turn are led by ALAVA Ingenieros and supported by 3 Research Organizations of reference in Spain.


The objective of the Ready Twin project is to research on different technologies,  techniques, tools, methodologies and knowledge aimed at developing innovative solutions for the generation and exploitation of Digital Twins.

Digital twins are digital avatars of the devices and processes that integrate a complex system (such as a energy plant, an industry, a vessel or a work environment). This digital twins work in connection with the real operative which is replicate through Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The union of the physical and virtual world represented by the Digital Twin concept allows an intelligent analysis of processes, products and services that provide important competitive advantages in various fields:

  • Future planning through simulation
  • Production customization
  • Decision support
  • Improving maintenance through predictive techniques
  • Generation of new business opportunities

Duration time: July 2019 – June 2023 (48 months)


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Public Research Organizations:

This project is financed by the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industry Technology) through the CIEN announcement.