ITCL and Arcelik Global take steps in the AI4LABOUR

During 2023, ITCL hosted two employees from the Turkish multinational Arçelik Global who will work collaboratively for the European Marie Skłodowska-Curie AI4LABOUR project. A journey that for the two employees, originally from the Turkish country, they valued as “extremely positive” in terms of implementing common ideas and that also allowed them to “test the project survey” being the first company in the world to do it.

Their secondments, both taking place in ITCL’s headquarters in Burgos, have been of great help to learn about their experience in the field, and to create and develop the AI4Labour Recommendation Portal, which will served as an online platform, where users will add their background input, in order to get suggestions and ideas on their future professional career in order to avoid human-automatisation substitution. An outstanding work that will allow us to predict what type of new occupations and what type of skills will be necessary to obtain these new occupations. The portal is expected to be working by the end of 2024.

Teamwork of the team of experts from Burgos and Turkey has been carried out in cooperation with different disciplines and sectors based on an innovative modeling and skills development methodology, armed with AI techniques, for the workforce. The final objective is the construction of a web portal that must serve as a recommendation tool for all actors (individuals, companies, institutions and policy makers).


Specifically, the Turkish staff who have been in Burgos are experts in robotics issues based on their work experience, which has been of great help in advancing certain issues of the project.

They highlight “the great progress that ITCL has made in Artificial Vision” and the way in which robotics is applied from the center, as well as the work carried out by the augmented reality team. “We would like to maintain this collaboration in European projects,” said one of the Turkish employees, staff from ARÇELIK – a Turkish company with a higher rate of participation in European Programmes in the country.

Collaborative work

The multidisciplinary team made up of national and Turkish people was able to advance the development portal through the use of surveys, while being able to share experiences and knowledge in the areas in which both parties consider themselves strongest.

“For ITCL, the experience has been wonderful, given the knowledge that Arçelic has in the field, and it is also a very strong company in Turkey,” said Rodrigo Sedano, European Project Manager. The head of ITCL sees “the beginning of great work that will continue and will allow progress in new fields of work.”