Strategic Plan ITCL
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Strategic plan


ITCL’s target is to position itself as a national reference in production technologies, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of enterprises, organizations and institutions


ITCL’s mission is to Implement technological and non-technological innovative solutions in production processes for industrial enterprises and other organizations, using the units of knowledge and know-how as a competitive strategy




1. Customer Orientation The customer is our reason for being and our business is focus on it.
2. Ethics and Transparency Ethical conduct, transparency in all actions.
3. Professionalism and quality in work Professionalism seeking permanent improvement to excellence as the goal.
4. Innovation and adaptation to change Innovation as a competitiveness tool. Flexible organization, speed of adaptation to changing – needs of businesses.
5. Focus on results Management model based on efficiency and effectiveness.
6. Enhance Teamwork Teamwork in the development of multidisciplinary projects.
7. Development of people Development of people based on personal effort, development of technical skills and personal skills.
8. Maintain and is separate Maintain and is separate independence in the proceedings. Intermediate body.
9. Development of R&D&I Own R&D& I own that encourages technology transfer to companies with real market needs and society proximity.
10. Recognition and impact on society
  • Being recognized as a leading customer inductor organizational improvement, with a high level of technological solutions.
  • To be recognized by our employers as the best allocation of resources dedicated to them.
  • To be recognized by employees as an organization to be proud to work.
  • To be recognized by others in our area of ​​operation as a prestigious organization.


Productivity Improvement

ITCL is a focal point of regional and national research on technologies related to production and industrial manufacturing. It is a technology center whose objectives in the market are:

  • Ensure the transfer of research results and their application to improve competitiveness in companies.
  • Provide to the companies new products (methodologically and technically well developed products) and oriented towards improving its processes with the necessary technological solutions services.
  • Development of techniques and manufacturing technologies, as well as provide solutions and results, offering the possibility of incorporating technological and non-technological innovation, ITCL can develop “turnkey” projects integrating different technologies.
  • Maintaining a cost leadership strategy, besides looking through their OTRI service appropriate funding mechanisms for companies in order to develop their R&D&I.
  • Vision customer at the heart of all activity.
  • Development of a management model based on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Keep a private and independent character.