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Electronics and Artificial Intelligence

Electronics and Artificial IntelligenceThrough Artificial Intelligence, ITCL aims for the design and implementation of processes that, when run on physical architectures, trigger the maximisation of certain results by means of the actions they set off, always focusing on productivity enhancement.

The area has a long history of working with companies throughout the national territory, having participated in a number of projects, both R&D and process improvement, highlighting their developments in areas of application where intelligent systems, communication Advanced and microelectronics are key factors (Smart Cities, Smart Energy, Industrial Internet of Things – IIoT, Industry 4.0, Factories of the Future – FoF, Machine-to-Machine Technology- M2M).

lines of work of the research group

Some of the lines of work of the research group in electronics and artificial intelligence are the following:

  • Design and prototyping of electronic boards and advanced devices for integration in equipment and telemedicine
  • ARM Solution Design
  • Programming embedded systems under Linux
  • Programming of microprocessors for data acquisition, control and advanced communications.
  • Data analysis in intelligent systems: Design of custom algorithms and design of experiments. Feature selection, feature-based process optimization, dynamic data series clustering, output model prediction.
  • Specific developments for sustainable mobility: domestic and collective electric vehicle charging systems, demand analysis of loads, energy distribution according to constraints, localization and control systems, carpooling, carsharing, route optimization.
  • Design of intelligent systems for precision agriculture, infrastructures and cities.