Qualified staff and laboratory facilities to develop electronic systems - ITCL

Microcontrollers, wireless Communication, communication Protocols, Positioning, Sensors and HMI (Human Machine Interface)

ITCL’s Applied Electronics Group technical capacity, qualified staff and laboratory facilities enable us to develop electronic systems. The group can address any of the stages comprised in the design of a new electronic system, from component selection, through electronics design and prototyping, to prototype tests and validation according to the system requirements.

Additionally, the systems under development are analysed to match the needs of each particular client, enabling the design of, for example, microelectronics (reduced size PCBs), several types of communication features (through cable or wireless), the implementation of the system as a subsystem of an already existing system, embedded Soft Computing, custom sensor technology, etc.

Technology samples

  • Microcontrollers: several architectures (ARM, RISC) and manufacturers (Microchip, Atmel, Freescale, Raspberry).
  • Wireless Communication: ZigBee, Bluetooth v2.0 y v4.0, radio-frequency (434 MHz), Wi-Fi, GPRS, RFID Mifare.
  • Communication Protocols: RS-485, RS-232, I2C, SPI, bus CAN, PLC, UART, TCP/IP.
  • Positioning: GPS, GPRS.
  • Sensors: temperature (thermocouple, PT100, RTD), light sensors, load cells, movement sensors (accelerometers, gyroscopes), biosensors, potential-free contacts, touch sensors, skin conductivity, infrared sensors, etc.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface): light and acoustic indicators, displays (LCD, graphic, alphanumeric, etc.), keyboards.

Diseño y prototipo de sensórica para temperatura de trabajo especial

 Integrado para protocolos de comunicación