Commercial device for eye health. Stop dry eyes.
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MONDENEL – Development of commercial device for eye health.

Technological solution able to prevent or control the Dry Eye disease by parameterizing the user’s environment, taking care of the exposure times to screens and performing ocular gymnastics.



MONDENEL SL has a mobile APP and a website focused on preventing dry eyes, a frequent problem in people who work for long periods of time in front of screens. To this end, it requires design, prototyping and industrialization consulting for an electronic device powered by a rechargeable battery that can be linked to a mobile APP already developed to monitor the user’s environment and propose actions to prevent dry eyes. MONDENEL also requires the optimization of the APP, as well as the integration of new functionalities in it.


The solution provided by ITCL Centro Tecnológico consisted in the development of an electronic device to integrate into an enclosure designed by third parties. This device with Bluetooth wireless communication and rechargeable Li-Po battery powered consists of two small printed circuit boards that incorporate the necessary circuits and sensors to communicate with the APP, monitor ambient lighting, temperature, relative humidity and user presence and provide an interface of capacitive touch buttons and indicator lights that allow the user to receive recommendations and interact with the device and the APP.

After an initial prototyping and testing phase, ITCL has also taken on the development of the APP to optimize its operation and add new functionalities.


The implementation phase has had several milestones leading to the achievement of results:

  • Specification of requirements with customer, mechanical envelope designer and APP development company.
  • Electronic design.
  • Firmware programming.
  • Hardware/firmware/APP validation testing.
  • Prototyping 20 units.
  • Industrialization support for electronics manufacturing and product assembly.
  • Hosting migration support for backend.
  • APP optimization software development.
  • Development of new APP software functions.


ITCL has completely developed the electronics and assumed the development of the APP from a third party development. It has also provided support to MONDENEL in the technical coordination of the different companies involved in the development of the product.


ITCL has developed for MONDENEL the electronics and programming of a device and a mobile APP designed to monitor and improve the eye health of its users. The final product is placed on the user’s desk and monitors environmental conditions and the user’s presence, advising the user to take breaks, exercise and apply eye drops, through its interface of light indicators and touch buttons and a mobile app available for Android and iOS. All of this is oriented to maintain and improve eye health, preventing the onset of dry eyes and helping to combat it.


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