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The objective of the TextoSign Mobile is to achieve a substantial improvement in the integration of people with hearing impairment in the society. The project is not limited only to aid in communication with people without hearing impairments, but also to improve their situation in work environments, where auditory disabilities still poses a huge barrier for acceptance.

In order to achieve such objective, TextoSign Mobile will create a set of mobile applications integrated with Internet services oriented to improve the social wellness of persons with hearing impairment. This aims to improve their e-inclusion and welfare, more specifically, of the users of the Spanish Sign Language (Lengua de Signos Española – LSE).

Translation from text to LSE using a picture, answering to a need detected due to reading problems from a significant amount of persons with hearing impairment.

The applications to develop in this project will cover the following functionalities:

  • Audio translation to LSE, which will be visualized in the mobile of the person with hearing impairment
  • “Videocall  with Signs” service – audio to LSE translation from a video call
  • Text translation to LSE from an image – answering to a detected need due reading problems from people with hearing impairment.

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