Energy facilities - ITCL


ITCL has complete equipment for measuring temperature, flow and measurements in electrical installations.

Network analyzers

ITCL has in its facilities with complete systems for electrical measurements, measurement of electrical power consumed and demand curves of electrical installations.


  • Network Analyzer (CIRCUTOR AR6)
  • Network Analyzer (CIR-e3)
  • Multipoint network analyzer (developed by ITCL, with ability to simultaneously measure 3-point phase unbalanced consumption, or 9 three-phase balanced points)
  • Current clamp.

Thermographic camera

Equipment for temperature measurement / thermography of thermal processes (boilers, furnaces, thermal production processes,…) and steam networks and hot fluid to determine heat loss.

  • Thermal imager (Electrophysics EZTHERM)
  • Temperature probe

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Measurement of the flow of fluids used (washed, heat and cooling production processes,…) both flow used as the transported energy:

    • Ultrasonic flowmeter FLUXUS