Digital twinning and exploitation in the naval sector

NAVANTWING – Research on technologies for digital twinning and exploitation in the naval sector.

Digital transformation in the naval sector relies on digital twins, virtual models that replicate real systems to improve efficiency and competitiveness. Although widely adopted in other sectors, their implementation in the naval industry faces technological challenges due to the complexity and heterogeneity of ships. However, it is crucial to advance in their development to consolidate all existing information, both design and operation-related, and provide it with coherence and structure, surpassing the limitations of a system with capabilities beyond the aggregation of each individual part.

Project Description:

The project is part of the set of primary projects that make up the flagship project of the Naval PERTE led by NAVANTIA, focused on digitization. NAVANTIA is immersed in its digital transformation to improve competitiveness and value. As a leader in the Spanish naval sector, it promotes the digitization of collaborators and suppliers. Its role is crucial in the digital transformation of the sector.

General Objectives of the Project:

The main objective of the NAVANTWING project is to investigate the main technologies associated with the Digital Twin in the maritime and naval industry, in order to generate knowledge to develop a solution that virtually replicates the operation processes of ships and the supply chain of components in the naval sector. As a result, a conceptual prototype of a Digital Twin in the laboratory will be obtained to facilitate its integration into the digitization of assets in the naval industry, thus increasing the sector’s competitiveness.

Specific Technical Objectives of the Project (OE):

  • OE1: Research in the field of HMI technology based on Mixed Reality to provide the Digital Twin with an interface that improves data presentation through immersive access.
  • OE2: Research and develop a new platform based on Generative Deep Learning technology to facilitate the research and generation of new materials for ships.
  • OE3: Research and specify a user-friendly digital platform that allows for interrelation and achieves operational efficiency of products through the development of assistants.
  • OE4: Research the latest technologies for protection against quantum cyberattacks in order to develop the cybersecurity systems of the future.
  • OE5: Research and develop new mathematical models to analyze and predict the behavior of the ship in water.
  • OE6: Develop a Digital Twin of product and reference system in the naval sector.
  • OE7: Establish methodologies and define procedures for verification, technological validation, and evaluation of developments and innovations associated with the naval Digital Twin.

Project Duration:

April 2023 – June 2025


Project in cooperation with:

ITCL Centro Tecnológico
ITCL Centro Tecnológico
ITCL Centro Tecnológico

Funded by:



David Peña – ITCL Centro Tecnológico.