Intelligent cybersecurity countermeasures for the network

CICERO – Intelligent cybersecurity countermeasures for the network of the future

Project Description:

The CICERO Consortium is composed of five leading technological centers in the field of information technologies with extensive experience in Cervera 25 cybersecurity technology: GRADIANT (Galician Telecommunications Technological Center), CEIT (CEIT Technological Center Association), FIDESOL (Free Software R&D Foundation), ITCL (Technological Institute of Castilla y León), and I2CAT (i2CAT Foundation, Internet and Digital Innovation in Catalonia).

Consortium Objectives:

The CICERO consortium aims to address the positioning of its centers in Cervera 25 cybersecurity technology, focusing on the development of robust information processing systems to identify and reduce system and network vulnerabilities. This involves the application of signal and data security technologies, as well as the development of network virtualization and software-defined networking technologies.

To align cybersecurity research with organizational needs and enhance technological transfer, the project identifies the following general and specific objectives:

Consortium General Objectives (CGO):

  • 1: Establish the Technological Centers Consortium as a benchmark in research and development within cybersecurity technologies.
  • 2: Foster collaboration and synergies among the Technological Centers of the consortium to maximize innovation and socio-economic impact.
  • 3: Establish mechanisms to protect generated intellectual property and promote effective technology transfer to the industrial sector.
  • 4: Increase the presence and participation of the consortium in international projects and collaborations related to Cervera technology, with a special focus on the Horizon Europe program.
  • 5: Develop specialized training programs focused on Cervera technology to prepare researchers and technicians to lead advances in the field.
  • 6: Position the consortium as a leader in attracting diverse talent, promoting gender equality, and including persons with disabilities in R&D activities.
  • 7: Align the research lines of consortium members with industry needs to maximize transfer and impact.

Consortium Specific Objectives (CSO):

  • 1: Develop and present at least 5 functional prototypes of technological innovations ready to be adopted by companies.
  • 2: Organize an event focused on presenting research and development results and advances to companies interested in adopting new cybersecurity technologies.
  • 3: Launch at least 4 flagship projects with companies, focusing on specific areas of cybersecurity and seeking innovative solutions to identified challenges.
  • 4: Facilitate and finalize at least 10 stays between Technological Centers of the consortium to share knowledge and resources.
  • 5: Organize and execute 2 cybersecurity technology training programs for researchers and technicians of the consortium.
  • 6: Ensure that at least 30% of new hires in R&D projects represent hires of women or persons with disabilities.
  • 7: Actively participate in at least 6 international events or conferences related to Cervera technology, presenting results and advances.
  • 8: Submit at least 9 patent applications or other forms of intellectual property protection based on R&D results of the consortium.

Project Duration:

October 2023 – June 2025

Project in cooperation with:


ITCL Centro Tecnológico
ITCL Centro Tecnológico
ITCL Centro Tecnológico

Funded by:

Project (CER-20231019) recognized as a CERVERA Network of Excellence, funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), under the General State Budget 2023 and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


Centro de Excelencia Cervera


Ángel López – ITCL