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Cybersec – Research in Emerging Technologies to Achieve Cyber Secure and Resilient Infrastructures

 National Project


New digital technologies are being massively adopted in practically all socio-economic sectors, from industry to agriculture, including health, defense, building and global management of public services. In the same way, digital technologies are in continuous development, providing new and better solutions. All this, means a significant improvement in the management of practically all socioeconomic processes, in terms of cost reduction, quality improvement, generation of new services, democratization of information and improve the user experience.


The objective of the CYBERSEC is to research on different technologies, techniques, tools, methodologies and knowledge, aimed to develop a technological solution for the securitization against cyber-attacks of highly critical connected environments, such as Industry 4.0, Smart Cities or  other critical infrastructures.

However, this high level of digitization, together with the continuous abundance of new technologies, generates significant vulnerabilities in the systems, which are exploited by cybercriminals (hackers) to carry out attacks to disrupt the service, steal or hijack stored information or impersonate identities. In addition to attacks, these systems are also exposed to system failures, human errors and environmental disruptions. These attacks result in serious losses in all sectors, representing a worldwide cost of close to $600 billion (or 0.8% of the world’s GDP). Neverthess, these attacks are not only a huge risk, but also a great economic opportunity.

The CYBERSEC project will facilitate the adoption of new generation technological solutions that provide security, resilience, traceability and privacy to information systems in critical environments such as Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 or critical infrastructures; through research in attack technologies and network protection, IoT, communications (5G, NB) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). All of them are disruptive technologies in the international and national technological landscape.

Duration time: 2020 – 2024 (48 months)


Public Research Organizations:

This project is financed by the CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industry Technology) through the CIEN announcement.