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ERAES – Methodology and pilot experience for the development of Autonomous Rural Spaces for Sustainable Energy

Regional Project



An Autonomous Rural Space for Sustainable Energy is a rural territory or community, outside the influence of large population centers and their metropolitan areas, whose efficient use of endogenous resources and energy resources allows it to create an environment in which to enhance its capabilities. With the creation of this environment, it achieves a sustainable development of the territory in the social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects.

Through the creation of this type of spaces (ERAES) it is intended to contribute to the problem of depopulation that affects the “empty Spain”, and more markedly to the interior regions such as Castilla y León, new autonomous scenarios where to demonstrate that the economic, social and cultural aspects, are clear leverage against the demographic crisis and also against the climate crisis. 


The main objective of this project is to identify, prioritize and dynamize rural areas of Castilla y León with potential for territorial development.  This will be done through the promotion of sustainability in these areas, enhancing endogenous resources and the use of local renewable energies to turn them into sustainable autonomous areas.

Duration Time: 6 months (2020)


It is a project financed by the Junta de Castilla y León, through the subsidy program to support Innovative Business Associations (AAEEII) of the Community of Castilla y León.