Definition and development of algorithms for data analysis platform
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ALMATIC – Definition and development of algorithms for data analysis platform for MAnTenTenTing, Predictive Quality and health problems.

Research of a data analysis platform on which a Smart Data system will be deployed to process general purpose industry information and on which algorithms based on advanced AI techniques will be studied to identify potential problems in the sectors of interest studied.

Project Description:

ALMATIC proposes the research of a data analysis platform on which a Smart Data system will be deployed to process the information of the general purpose industry, collecting information from the processes and information systems that monitor critical data for the processes and on which algorithms based on advanced AI techniques will be studied to identify potential problems in the sectors of interest studied. The project has two levels of development:

    • Functional Level

To this end, the technology centers, ITCL and AIR, within a broader consortium formed by Amadix, Cerealto, Gonvarri and Ascensores Zener, propose the creation of a common horizontal industrial platform for the sectors of interest, which provides a layer of abstraction capable of providing generic services related to the application of prescriptive maintenance strategies and the monitoring and improvement of the quality of processes for any type of activity, but which in turn allow a high degree of customization to adapt them to each particular case.

    • Technical level

As already indicated, the present project aims to investigate a solution that on the one hand provides a generic platform for the provision of services (MLaaS, PaaS…) related to the monitoring of the quality of products and processes, the intelligent management of maintenance in the industrial sector and the clinical diagnosis of diseases; and on the other hand, customizes these generic services, in several specific cases, focused on the activity of the participating companies: Amadix, Cerealto, Gonvarri and Ascensores Zener. To this end, starting from the generic platform, a set of modules will be designed, which, making use of the services deployed by the platform, will make it possible to respond specifically to the needs of each sector.

Problem they intend to solve:

The digitalization of the Spanish Industry has undergone a great acceleration in recent years, so much so, that since 2015, the growth related to digitalization represents 30% of the total growth of the Spanish economy. This change, to a large extent, has been caused by the enormous development and integration capacity that technology has experienced, to install itself in the daily life of society.

Many companies, affected by the impact of technology and the changes they must make in response, are temporarily overwhelmed by the magnitude of the tasks ahead of them. However, companies will have to start changing their products, their business models and all the processes that support them. They will have to develop new skills and adopt different and more agile ways of working in ecosystems characterized by more flexible collaboration. And in response, ALMATIC aims to strengthen this commitment to change with high value-added solutions that address the initial impact of business digitization. ALMATIC introduces new forms of technological collaboration, incorporating technologies that invest in the development of more efficient and sustainable processes.

In the future, obtaining and analyzing information on production costs and the behavior of the production process while it is running will be critical to the success of factories.

Project Resolution Objectives:

The ALMATIC project encompasses cutting-edge solutions designed and developed by ITCL and AIR, with a platform that can be proprietary or third-party and with a set of data analysis libraries, which will allow selecting features, modeling, detecting faults and patterns, learning, etc. and will be a demonstrator of integration of various elements that generate information within an industrial plant studying different cases depending on the production processes of the project (food company, capital goods …).

ITCL will apply its knowledge to carry out the research and design of algorithms that facilitate the detection and diagnosis based on risk factors, being a model fully extrapolable to other cases and solving the need of the biotechnology sector in the face of the huge amount of data obtained from the clinical records of patients.

Main advantages of the product/process:

Companies in Castilla y León require accelerating the development, adoption and widespread use of interconnected machines and devices and smart analytics, using data to adjust production processes advancing the digitization of society and the regional economic fabric.

Therefore, companies in Castilla y León require this type of reference architecture for Industry 4.0 developments that incorporate advanced AI in their analysis processes.

As a consequence, the technological advantages provided by ALMATIC to the consortium members will be the following:

  1. Intelligent automation: Driven by artificial intelligence, companies will gather unprecedented amounts of data, and by intertwining systems, data and people, they will have solutions capable of changing the organization.
  2. Workforce: Companies need more than just the right technology; they need the right people in a flexible, adaptable and change-ready workforce.
  3. Platform economy: All industries are being shaped around ecosystems, driven by scalable, interconnected digital platforms.
  4. Predictable disruption: Few businesses have grasped how dramatic and permanent the changes resulting from new platform-based ecosystems will be.

Therefore, these general advantages of the project translate for our technology center ITCL into a highly strategic bet, due to the technological and innovative scope of the solutions proposed for the future of R&D in the region.

Project Duration:

September 2021 – September 2022

Regional project in cooperation with:

Funded by:

Contact Person:

Javier Sedano – R&D Director at ITCL Technology Center