PROEFI_AIRE. Energy Efficiency for Compressed Air

PROEFI_AIRE. Development of tools for controlling and improving the energy efficiency of vacuum and compressed air production systems

Regional Project The PROEFI_AIRE project focuses its efforts on industrial research activities. The main objective is to generate new knowledge and useful capabilities for developments related to the intelligent control of the energy efficiency of vacuum and compressed air installations in the industrial sector. This type of installation, in direct consumption, represents the second source of industrial energy after electricity consumption, and this is due to its safety, speed and ease of use, but with operating costs in electrical energy of up to 87% of the pneumatic installation. In order to optimise the energy efficiency of these industrial pneumatic systems equipment, it is first necessary to develop capacities and tools that allow the analysis of their operation and behaviour. This will determine the energy efficiency by equipment, compressors, and the overall efficiency in the production of industrial air. In this way, with the results, strategies and tools will be identified and developed to reduce, as a consequence, the energy cost for their use in the manufacture of products, eliminating the main points of loss of efficiency.


In this project, the Instituto Tecnologico de Castilla y Leon (ITCL) will research and design capabilities and tools for the development of a technological solutions platform supported by the cloud, to which SMEs in Castilla y León will have access, and which will allow expert supervision and control of industrial pneumatic installations. These will be solutions and strategies with a high technological content to evaluate and improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of industrial equipment. An intelligent design that will allow companies in Castilla y León to save energy by ensuring lower consumption for the same levels of activity and service. Tools designed as a platform and laboratory for the simulation of industrial efficiency with different levels of use depending on the needs of the companies. This project is designed to:
  1. expand the research capabilities of the Energy Technologies research group of ITCL in the field of industrial energy efficiency,
  2. consolidate an effective participation of the companies of Castilla y León in industrial research and to solve the needs of control of the industrial energy expenditure and
  3. transfer tools that support small companies in Castilla y León to achieve optimal energy efficiency ratios in their production process.
PROEFI_AIRE will develop a technological platform, hosted in the cloud, composed of systems based on expert technology, based on artificial intelligence (AI) concepts, for the modelling and development of control systems for vacuum and compressed air installations from an energy point of view. It will generate the development of an action plan and tools to improve energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption in industrial facilities of SMEs in Castilla y León, and to predict and anticipate possible malfunctions of the equipment

Collaboration with companies

ITCL will carry out this industrial research in collaboration with the companies of Castilla y León: L’OREAL Productos Capilares, Mantequerías Arias, Adisseo España, Pepsico Manufacturing and AB Azucarera Iberia Duration: 2018-2020 This project is financed through the 2017 call of the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León for non-competitive aid for applied R&D projects carried out by the Technology Centres of Castilla y León, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)