Advanced manaGement and cOntRol for buildings smArtness
eficiencia energetica

Agora – Advanced manaGement and cOntRol for buildings smArtness

Project Description:

Buildings are responsible for most of the European final energy consumption (40%) and represent the greatest potential for energy savings – as 75% of existing buildings in the EU were built during the periods when there were no energy-related regulations. With low demolition rates and low renovation rates, one of the biggest energy efficiency challenges in buildings in Europe, and of Spain in particular, is energy efficient renovation and investment in the current stock of buildings.
Energy and water-efficiency elements for buildings should be implemented in smart buildings with intelligent self-learning management tools. Technologies for active elements of the buildings must be considered in the overall energy efficiency.

Problem they aim to solve:

With this project, we want to bring to the market a holistic smart solution capable of promoting a more sustainable energy and water consumption from producer to final consumer.  The idea is to extend the energy efficiency function of enControl from the consumer level to the production level by including smart grid functionalities. The Smart Grid category covers solutions for the control and management of power networks and installations.

Project Resolution Objectives:

  • Research on algorithms for the prediction of the production of photovoltaic and micro wind power systems for domestic and industrial building self-consumption, energy demand management, with the possibility of storing or selling surpluses to the energy market
  • Research on passive technologies for decreasing carbon footprint and energy consumption for IAQ.
  • Characterizing the building envelope’s real energy efficiency by placing sensors in key parts inside and outside the building.
  • Research on water management possibilities by identifying patterns in water consumption by AI algorithms (SVN, Time series…).
  • Introduce the energy management module, passive components and water management in an integrate thermoeconomic application for cost accounting
  • Integration of SRI indicators inside the AGORA platform.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of the SRI for transforming existing buildings into nZEB
  • Research on the AGORA platform possibilities for optimizing the building’s overall energy performance, enhancing synergies between different active subcomponents and operating conditions according to an integrated logic, efficiently managed energy, produced locally (photovoltaics/ batteries/ grid) to address immediate demand, thermal or electric storage, feeding in the grid (for PV), according to timing, convenience and opportunity.

    Project Duration:

    July 2022 – June 2025

    National Project in Cooperation with:

    ITCL Centro Tecnológico
    Universidad del Pais Vasco

    Contact Person:

    Javier Sedano – R&D Director