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Activity control

europacEuropac Group

The Europac Group’s history dates back to 1890 with the incorporation in Valladolid of the company Nietos de Manuel Lorenzo, the predecessor of Europac’s current core shareholder. The Europac Group as such was not constituted until 1995. Three years later, in 1998, its shares were listed. This is also when the Company began expanding internationally, penetrating first the Portuguese market and then the French marke.

The Europac Group (Papeles y Cartones de Europa, SA) is an integrated operator with activities in all areas of the paper and packaging industry value chain, from end-to-end waste management and forestry operations for the procurement of the raw materials necessary for the production.

Activity control

ITCL accompanies Europac in its journey of expansion, providing the traceability of its production through a System of Production Control (BI-tal) that helps diagnose the Company processes removing inefficiencies that would make the quality of them.