Proyectos europeos ITCL

Proyectos europeos

Algunos proyectos europeos

  • Simusafe. Simulador de aspectos de comportamiento para un transporte seguro
  • Econfidence. Cambios de comportamiento a través de los juegos serios
  • EnergyWater. Improving energy efficiency in industrial water processes through benchmarking and benchlearning tools in Europe manufacturing industry
  • Bio-Acuisensor. Sistema automático multisensorial para detección de contaminantes de la producción acuícola en aguas saladas
  • Cool-Save. Development and dissemination of cost effctive strategies to improve energy efficiency in cooling systems in food and drink sector
  • Nacodeal. Natural Communication Device for Assisted Living
  • Hydrosolar 21
  • Webgentech. Web-based learning of molecular genetics and curricula development
  • Shivaa. Successfull help for inclusion by valorized actions for adults in the field of environment
  • Impromia. Improving management skills of provincial district governors
  • Imspag. New methods and approaches in improving management skills of police academy graduates
  • Innoman
  • Innocap