Workshop Simulators Applied to Road Safety. Simusafe

Simulators Applied to Road Safety for Behavioural Analysis and Training

Mar 31, 2021 | Burgos, Spain

2nd International Meeting on Simulator Design

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About this Workshop

How to use and apply these simulation technologies to improve road safety

Simulators are widely applied in training environments, especially in where safety is a primary issue. Simulators for training have been used in the aviation sector for ages as a mandatory part of the education, not only for student pilots but also for professionally active ones.

The use and application of simulators in road transport is an important aspect to be applied to enhance the capabilities of drivers and reduce accidents. Simulators can also help the research community to analyse the behaviour of road users, useful for e.g. the design and testing of new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or Autonomous Vehicles, and new and more effective training programs.

Eventually this should also lead to the higher goal of positive changes in the behaviour of road users through promoting a more respectful and safe behaviour. Cars and motorcycles are important in this approach, but also vulnerable road users like cyclists and pedestrians are an essential part of the traffic ecosystem that must addressed.

 The SIMUSAFE project is dealing with the use of interconnected simulators to analyse the interactions between road users in simulators, and the confidence in the data gathered in simulators in comparison with real-life road use and human factors.

2nd International meeting on Simulator Design

SimuSafe project

March 31st, 2021

Welcome and SimuSafe Summary

Marteyn van Gasteren, ITCL Technology Centre, ES

The SimuSafe simulator system explained

Rodrigo Varga, ITCL Technology Centre, ES

Preliminary SimuSafe results: Pedestrians

João Jacob, University of Porto, PT

Global  Driver Training for large companies, simulator opportunities!

Patrick Hekkert, CEPA SafeDrive, NL

EFA Training Matrix: a new and more effective training programs

Manuel Picardi, EFA European Driving Schools Association, UK

Humans in the loop for capturing critical VRU behaviours in simulations

Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah, Phantasma Labs Limited, DE

Simulators and Training aspects related to the PASCAL project

Luc Vandenabeele, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, LU; Nuccia Fedel, Automobile Club d’Italia & Maxime Larique, UBFC (University of Burgundy Franche-Comté)

Use of simulators collected data for providing predictive road user models

Maria Nadia Postorino & Luca Mantecchini, University of Bologna, IT

Data for road user behaviour models: Naturalistic or simulator studies?

Gustav Markkula, University of Leeds, UK

Interconnected simulation for the study of interactions between drivers, pedestrians and cyclists

Chris W Schwarz & Omar Ahmad, University of Iowa / National Advanced Driving Simulator, US

Q&A: round table

Stéphane ESPIÉ, Gustave EIFFEL University, FR

End of workshop



Meet Our Speakers

Marteyn van Gasteren
Marteyn van Gasteren

SimuSafe Project Coordinator, ITCL Technology Centre, ES

Rodrigo Varga
Rodrigo Varga

Lead Unity Programmer, ITCL Technology Centre, ES

Luca Mantecchini
Luca Mantecchini

Assistant Professor in Transportation Engineering, DICAM - Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, Materials Engineering, University of Bologna, IT

Maria Nadia Postorino
Maria Nadia Postorino

Full Professor in Transportation Engineering, DICAM - Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, Materials Engineering, University of Bologna, IT

João Jacob
João Jacob

Research, PhD, LIACC, University of Porto, PT

Patrick Hekkert
Patrick Hekkert

Director of Engineering and Modeling Research, CEPA SafeDrive, NL

Luc Vandenabeele
Luc Vandenabeele

PAsCAL project coordinator, Luxembourg Institute of Technology and Science, LU

Stéphane Espié
Stéphane Espié

Director of Research Gustave EIFFEL University TS2 / SATIE / MOSS head, FR

Manuel Picardi
Manuel Picardi

General Secretary, EFA European Driving Schools Association, UK

Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah
Ramakrishna Nanjundaiah

CEO, Phantasma Labs Limited, DE

Gustav Markkula
Gustav Markkula

Chair in Applied Behaviour Modelling, Human Factors & Safety Group, Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK

Chris W Schwarz
Chris W Schwarz

Director of Engineering and Modeling Research, University of Iowa / National Advanced Driving Simulator, US

Omar Ahmad
Omar Ahmad

University of Iowa / National Advanced Driving Simulator, US

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