Programming challenge 2021 - ITCL

ITCL Programming Challenge 2021

Place furniture in AR

Ballooning in AR

Presentation of applications

To enter the challenge you must register and send us the link to the open source repository where you have your source code

1st- Place furniture in AR

Create an application that allows us to see how objects that we have not yet bought would look like in our spaces.

Requirements: being able to place a table in the centre of a room and hang some shelves on a wall. The users should be able to reposition, rotate and resize furniture. The application must be able to distinguish between surface types such as floors, walls or tables, and consequently allow to place only certain types of furniture pieces on each surface type

2nd- Ballooning in AR

Create a simple game in which two players have to alternately hit a balloon on their mobile screen to prevent it from touching the ground.

Requirements: two different users must see the same objects in augmented reality. Both players will see the balloon float in the same position in AR and will have to pass it to each other

About the Programming Challenge 2021


We will reward the best classified with 2.000 €

The participants may be hired by ITCL to develop a project based on this technology for real world companies

Deadline for entries

April 04th, 2021

Challenge resolution

April 22th, 2021


The competition is open to physical persons (students, workers, etc.). Proposals should be submitted individually.